It was in or around 1982 that I had a deep sense and realisation that there had to be more to life than what many consider to be just “this”! Having spent many an hour lying on the garage floor, still and silent and contemplating death (at aged three), I concluded that this surface level perception of life could not be “it” in its entirety. What “it” was however, I didn’t have a clue? I think I did. The ability to fathom, understand and thus communicate and articulate “this”, I did not have. Thirty Five plus years later? I think I have a steady handle on it. A handle which grows and develops might I add. And, I acknowledge my enrolment and participation in the school of life with great joy, excitement and anticipation. “This”, with the guidance and direction of the greatest Teacher who ever was and most certainly still IS! “Jesus, The Anointed One”. Let’s blog…..