One of the first things I remember being told as a child was to tell the truth. Multiple faces, multiple accents, multiples tones, times and situations – “Little Mo tell the truth!” was an o so familiar and regular sentence. Interestingly enough I believe that I was telling the truth but many a listener was not ready to receive it then! Whatever the truth and whatever the situation and whatever the tone – if the content is the truth then it is my hope that folk will receive it. But not just receive it, but walk in it, and act on it, for the days remaining are fewer and the time to wake up is NOW.

As part of my receipt and acceptance of the great commission, I have agreed to go out into all nations to share the truth – that is the Good News of the birth, death, resurrection and second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and all things ancillary to this.

The vision here, is that sleepers will hear the sounding of the alarm via Raw Talk with Manuella and be woke, responsive, changed and ultimately and eternally “SAVED”. (POSSIBLE *)