The Word of God speaks of finding a person of peace and as believers many of us have looked for and have benefitted from finding that person. On my walk however, and as I have journeyed, I rarely, yet on occasion have, found a place of peace. My top place of peace is within the forest of southern Norway, the closest commercial airport being Kristiansand (Less then 3.5 hours away from London). Whilst the motivation behind finding that person and that place may differ, the common ground for both is peace. A concept that I personally long for whether in attitude or plain. As for southern Norway, it is cold yet forever fresh. It is quiet yet the song of the bird is loud. Wealth is visible yet humility is apparent. There is a large geriatric presence yet the silver haired residents continue to drive tractors and climb mountains, literally. It is clean. Southern Norway, a place that I ventured five times within sixteen months. Why? Because I sought a place of peace, and the bonus was that it is inhabited with many persons of peace and love might I add. A satisfaction for my craving had been fulfilled so why would I not venture back and then back and then back again. To dwell even if only for a week, to sleep soundly knowing that outside was so still, to just be. To just be. A break from the hustle and bustle of London. The busyness and the sound of sirens and the mobile phone ping throughout the day. Traffic jams, weather warnings (for an inch of snow) pavements tattooed with chewing gum. London has its purpose and while I’m there it is my home, I do like it. But a place of peace is somewhere else – somewhere I can go to, to find what I lack as a constant during the every day to day. A time out, an actual chill zone, literally. My usual visual of concrete replaced with trees, tall buildings replaced with mountains. Canals replaced with fjords, shall I go on? Okay I will…clear steams plus lakes galore and yes there’s fresh rain and more rain and then some more rain. Too wet and quiet for Some?  but l am not Some and I am also not Bored. I am Manuella. I thank God for the opportunities that He has given to me to visit Norway and identifying it as a place of peace with persons of peace thrown in for extra good measure. Whilst I am always in the presence of the Lord, to find a place where I can take time out to seek His presence more intensely and to just be with Him in the absence of the usual and familiar distractions, is a Blessing. Recommended? Highly.