Introducing the lead of God the Son. His name is Jesus also known as Yeshua. He is the Saviour, the Redeemer King and of course the King of Kings. Fully God and fully human, He defeated death but first wore our sins and received what we deserve. In our place he was condemned, beaten and humiliated but through love and compassion he accepted the cup and paid the price with His blood for our redemption. We may now live a redemptive life because of Him, once slaves to Sin we have now been set free. Offered new life, rebirth and a place in the resurrection, our salvation has been secured and eternity is our portion. Because of Him we appreciate love as He has reminded of the fruit that we should bear, how we should relate to one another and He has taught us how to seek and relate to The Father. Because of Him we have access to a counsellor and a comforter, another of the same kind – His own Spirit who is Holy.